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Yoga For Golfers

Every golfer knows that a straight left arm at the top of the backswing is essential for a good golf shot. Achieving that straightness is not a natural or comfortable position of the arm and shoulder for most of us. But with determined and repeated exercise it is possible to make it so. This is where yoga practitioners have an advantage. The same yoga discipline that gives us flexibility of other ligaments and joints can lead us to better golf. And that can be done without having a golf stick clutched in the hand, but as part of a regular yoga routine.

I had played most of my golfing life with a slightly bent left elbow at the backswing and had rejected the remonstrations of the pro to “keep your elbow straight, Michael” with the complaint that I simply couldn’t do it. When I added a simulated golf swing as part of my yoga exercises, as shown in the accompanying photo sequence, the straight arm gradually became achievable. That daily repetition of the swing, especially if sometimes done in front of the bed room mirror, also allows scrutiny of the weight transfer from the right side of the body to the left during the swing.

When you are satisfied that you have the left arm straight and the hips leading the downswing well before the arms and shoulders, establish that as one of your yoga exercises, swinging the imaginary golf stick twenty times every day. Without any professional guidance and without even visiting the golf course you can start building a swing that will lower your scores appreciably.

Because the average male golfer has a large frame and adequate core-strength to swing even the heaviest golf stick, my advice is probably more relevant to a lady golfer. Like me, with my small frame, she needs every bit of extra strength she can get and would benefit from adding regular push-ups to her yoga routine. Once she has built up strength in the wrists and shoulders in this way she will find that applying her yoga-remodelled-swing to actually hitting the ball will occur with gratifying ease.

I do 30 push-ups every day and I’m sure that it has played a very large part in enabling me to play better golf at 82 than I did at 72. I’m not suggesting that everyone should do 30 push-ups. If you haven’t done them in the past try two, or three, and then work up to the number that feels comfortable for you. For me, the satisfaction of playing good golf has provided loads of incentive to keep up my fitness regime. I hope it will do the same for you.

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The Yoga Golf Swing. Note the straight left arm on the backswing and the hips leading the downswing.

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